Hooyo Project

"Hooyo" - means mother in Somali. People’s Center Hooyo Project is a culturally inclusive group prenatal care model that integrates routine prenatal clinic visits with mindfulness-based therapies, prenatal care and childbirth education. Women more than 20 weeks of gestation are invited to participate in biweekly two-hour visits, with a goal of four to eight pregnant women at each visit. Women are free to attend the group visits in lieu of their individual prenatal visits until they give birth, and conversely, free to return to individual prenatal visits at any point during their pregnancy.

This project was co-created in partnership with Somali mothers and other community providers including Early Childhood and Family Education (ECFE), prenatal yoga instructors, Women, Infant and Children (WIC), massage therapists, nutrition and pediatric providers who help us deliver these quality services. To learn more, please contact Christine Rangen at rangenc@peoples-center.org

KidSmile Pediatric Dental Project

Dental Caries, although preventable is the most common chronic disease in children and disproportionately affects low-income families.  According to National Institute of Dental and Craniofacial Research (NIDCR), 42% of children 2 to 11 have had dental caries in their primary teeth. In February, 2017, People’s Center Clinics & Services launched the KidSmile Pediatric Dental Project to increase access to preventative oral health care to hundreds of children in our community. The KidSmile Pediatric Dental Project utilizes our mobile dental unit to travel to child care centers, elementary schools and community centers to offer complimentary dental sealants, oral health screenings, fluoride vanishes and oral health education to children ages 12 months to 14 years of age.

To learn more, please contact Hasna Abdurahman, People’s Center Dental Outreach Coordinator at 612-332-4973  Ext.4134 or email her at  abdurahmanh@peoples-center.org

 Kidsmile Project is funded by oral health expansion grants from Delta Dental of MinnesotaFoundation and Health Resource and Services Administration (HRSA)

Project H. E. A. R. T (Health Education, Assessment, Referral and Treatment)

Approximately 30% of People’s Center patients have been diagnosed with diabetes, obesity, hypertension or heart disease. Limited access and availability of healthy foods and safe space to exercise contribute to the problem.  The goal of Project H. E.A.R.T is to prevent, screen and treat heart related chronic conditions in the community. The project has community-based component, in which we partner with Department of Health and community partners, including Health Commons, East Africa Health Project and Darul Hijra Community Center to screen and educate the community about healthy eating and exercise.

In our clinics, we made fundamental changes in the way we care for patients with chronic disease. Instead of just providing a prescription, we now have a team of a Bilingual Community Health Worker, Dietitian/Diabetes Specialist and Pharmacist who work with patients and their primary care providers to improve patients' heart-related chronic disease outcomes. In 2018, we will open first of its kind wellness hub inside our Cedar-Riverside Clinic to offer space in the community for patients to socialize, exercise and learn how to cook and eat healthy foods.

To learn more, please contact Dr. Jokho Farah, at 612-332-4973  Ext.1994 or email her at  farahj@peoples-center.org

Health Commons

To advance our mission of promoting community wellness beyond the walls of our clinics, we offer weekly nutrition and exercise classes at Cedar-Riverside Health Commons. 

Health Commons is a nurse-managed drop-in health and wellness center that is dedicated to serving those in the Cedar-Riverside area with a focus on healthy individuals and community. The center is committed to service based on respect, relationship, and collaboration that connects health and hope for all participants. 

Health Commons is open Monday through Friday 11-1pm. Services offered include 1:1 and group health education, nutrition and fitness classes, massage, Rieke, and health screenings.  

Health Commons was founded in 2011, as a response to an identified community need for preventative health services. It is  a collaborative effort between People's Center Clinics & Services, Augsburg University Department of NursingFairview Health Services and East Africa Health Project

Thanks to generous financial support from Fairview foundation, partnership contributions and dedicated volunteers from the community, all services are FREE of charge and open to everyone.