Our Impact

We are proud of the positive impact we make on the health of our community.

In 2016 we served 9,000 individual patients and conducted over 33,222 visits.

Medical: 21,031

Dental: 8,290

Behavior Health: 2,768

Supportive Services: 1,133

50% of patients were better served in languages other than English. 12% of patients were uninsured. 

Our measures of success:

Better Care

• 75% of patients with diabetes had hemoglobin A1C less than 9%.
• 89% of patients with asthma had an individualized treatment to better manage their symptoms.
• 90% of patients screened for tobacco use and received education and resources to quit if they smoked.
• 50% of patients screened for depression
• 67% increase in number of patients receiving fluoride varnish
• 37% increase in children receiving dental sealants 

Better Satisfaction:

• 98% of patients satisfied with their providers
• 93% of patients would refer friends and family to People's Center
• 80% of patients satisfied with cost of services  


Who We Serve

We never turn anyone away due to
inability to pay. 


Statewide Services

Patients from across Minnesota come to People’s Center Health Services for health and wellness services. 

62 percent of patients come from target service areas, including the University of Minnesota and East and West downtown Minneapolis.

We worked with over 40 community partners and funders to transform the health of the patients and families we serve.