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Improving Lives. Transforming Communities. Achieving Health Equity for Everyone.


Deliver affordable health care, inspire hope and promote community wellness.


Improve Lives. Transform Communities. Achieve Health Equity for Everyone.


• Welcoming: We treat everyone with care and compassion, building relationships based on dignity and integrity.

• Unified: We model inclusion and respect for diversity in everything we do, honoring and learning from each other’s worldviews.

• Responsive: We respond to the ever-changing healthcare landscape with innovation, resourcefulness and flexibility to provide high quality care.

• Accountable: We hold ourselves accountable for our work and the impact we have on patients, families and each other. We are responsible stewards of our organization’s resources.

• Excellence: Every day, we perform at our highest level to provide exceptional, personalized, and culturally-appropriate care.

Dennis Parker, Patient

Dennis Parker, Patient

“They’ve been in our corner the entire time.”
Halima Abdille, Patient

Halima Abdille, Patient

“They are amazing”



Nearly 50 years ago, a group of neighborhood activists founded People’s Center as a medical clinic to serve the diverse and vibrant West Bank community. Over the years, the services we offer, and where we offer them, have expanded and became more integrated. Today, our purpose remains the same—to provide high-quality, affordable health care for patients of all racial, ethnic and socioeconomic backgrounds.

People's Center Clinics & Services is a network of community health clinics that provide high-quality, culturally competent care to everyone regardless of their ability to pay. We offer integrated medical care, behavioral health, dental care and wellness services. By integrating our services based on each patient's needs, People's Center strives to achieve holistic wellness and healthy communities.

We provide supportive services that influence better health, including insurance navigation, interpreter services, transportation, care coordination and counseling on housing, food access, employment and legal resources.

People's Center is a registered 501(c)3 non-profit organization.



People's Center Clinics & Services provides the full continuum of primary care, preventative care and education, women's health/prenatal care and chronic disease management in our family practice and pediatric clinics. We also have a behavioral clinic, dental clinic, physical therapy clinic and we are opening a first of its kind wellness hub - designed to promote fitness and holistic health. We also offer a low-cost pharmaceutical program, laboratory and x-ray services, as well as a referral service for those patients who need to be seen by a specialist.

We are a certified Health Care Home and our care coordinators help patients get the care they need across medical, behavioral, dental, specialty and pharmaceutical services. We have a social worker who offers assistance for patients who need to be connected with social services, and we offer a twice-monthly legal aid clinic.

Our clinics are located in three neighborhoods in South Minneapolis: Cedar-Riverside, Longfellow, and Powderhorn.


In 2003, I got real sick—I started losing weight rapidly, I was drinking a lot of water and I couldn’t sleep through the night because I got up eight to 10 times to urinate. I was getting fatigued and started missing days at work. .

In the emergency room, they didn’t give me any care but told me I needed to pick a primary physician; they gave us a list and we picked People’s Center. We saw Dr. Vincent; he checked me, did a lot of bloodwork, gave me a medication and told me to come back in a week. Before I got home that day, Dr. Vincent called me from his house and said the bloodwork had come back; I needed to go immediately to the hospital. My blood sugar was at 670 (a normal range is between 70 and 180). I was lucky to be alive. I should’ve been in a coma. I was in the hospital for two weeks.

Our house was destroyed in the Minneapolis tornado in 2011. People’s Center helped find us temporary housing and eventually assisted in getting us to our permanent apartment, where we have been for two years.  They’ve been in our corner the entire time.

A lot people would’ve given up on me, but they’re like our family. This clinic is absolutely is a blessing. I don’t know what we’d do without Dr. Vincent, my angel in disguise.



In 2015, I was about 3 months pregnant with my fifth child. I was nauseated, vomiting, and anemic. I had recently moved from St. Cloud so I was new to town and didn’t know where to go. I spoke with my cousin who brought me to People’s Center.

In the beginning, I came for checkups once a month, but as my anemia got worse, my appointments became bi-weekly. Then, toward my delivery date, I was here weekly.

What I first noticed about People’s Center was that it was welcoming and clean. People here care for me; my physician and nurses, they are amazing. They called multiple different insurance companies to find out if I was eligible for coverage. They call me at home to explain my medications to me. I had a hard time with delivery and experienced some complications, so my midwife and my care coordinator got me access to in-home physical therapy. Someone even helped me shop for my children. I cannot count how many things they have helped me with.

The physicians are all nice and caring – they look like they want to be here. Everyone else is so friendly and accommodating. Best of all, there are women here who speak my language. I always tell people about this place.