People’s Center is committed to making health care accessible and  affordable for all of our patients. We accept all major insurance plans, offer a sliding fee discount program, offer a prompt pay discount program, and provide flexible monthly payment plans. We also help individuals and families sign up for health insurance through MnSure for free.


Our sliding fee discount program provides discounts on out-of-pocket patient expenses that meet state, local and federal requirements. All patients are eligible to apply for sliding fee discount program.

In the event patients are uninsured or under-insured and are not willing to apply for discounts on services, they will be expected to pay for the full costs of services and out of pocket expenses. People’s Center offers several vehicles to assist patients with the payment on their balances, including prompt pay discount and payment plans. In addition, all patients will have the opportunity to work one-on-one with Financial Counselors to determine a payment program that best suits the your needs. No one is turned away due to an inability to pay for services. You can sign up for a payment plan as low as $10/month. To learn more, please contact our financial counseling department 612-332-4973 Ext.2509.


People’s Center offers a flat discounted fee to all patients who pay the full balance of charges within one business day of the time services were rendered. If a patient is found to have insurance coverage for the service provided, they will be responsible for their plan’s deductible and/or co-pay. Prompt Pay discount will only be applied after patient meets his or her insurance’s deductible and co-pay requirements.

Examples of patients who benefit from the prompt pay discount:

  1. Dental patients who need fillings, root canals, deep cleaning, dentures, crowns, non-emergency extractions unless covered by their insurance.

  2. Uninsured patients who do not qualify for sliding fee discount and responsible for the payment of the total amount of the visit, and for the total amount of any procedure.

  3. Patients who do not want to be billed for the service or receive a statement for the services.

  4. Patients who refuse to apply for a sliding fee discount.

We accept payments by cash, credit card, or check. To learn more about our prompt pay discount policy, please contact our financial counseling department 612-332-4973 Ext.2509.