Christine Rangen on The Wellness Hub

The following statement was written by People's Center's Certified Midwife, Christine Rangen. Rangen read the statement at The Wellness Hub Community Open House.

Christine Rangen TWH.JPG

Health is more than the absence of disease. The World Health Organization says, “Health is a state of physical, mental and social well-being.“

That applies to individuals AND communities.

This Wellness Hub will have a positive impact both, and we’ve been so excited to get it open. Now, our excitement turns to seeing all that will come from it.

For many, a gym membership or fitness classes have been inaccessible due to cost, transportation, and time. The Wellness Hub is a place that reduces, or completely removes, those barriers.

As health care providers, we can “prescribe” exercise, knowing that what was once out of reach for many is now completely accessible. It brings a new sense of possibility for our patients.

What was once just a limited encounter between provider and patient, behind clinic walls—issuing medications and advice—will become a way engage with one another through offerings in The Wellness Hub. For all of us, our own physical, mental, and social well-being will be within our own reach and in our own hands.

Extending beyond the clinic walls will break down barriers between providers and patients. We won’t just be someone a patient sees when they are sick. We’ll be tending our health, side-by-side, encouraging and inspiring one another. Knowing our patients, beyond their charts and our short visits, will go a long way in delivering effective quality care.

The offerings will line up with an individual’s needs. A 2-hour visit, including a check-up with their clinic provider, a small-group class on topics related to their health needs, and a fitness class, will help folks get started.

Building The Wellness Hub happened because of incredible support, especially from Target. Making it all that it can be will require continued support from the community. Programming and general operations require resources.

As a pay-what-you-can facility, some will come from user donations.

New partnerships will bring other resources, building the capacity of The Wellness Hub, expanding economic opportunities, and strengthen the community. One such emerging partnership is a “training trainers” initiative, bringing professionals together with interested members of the community who want to become fitness professionals themselves.

And, it will take money, in the form of donations for supportive members of the community.

I am that community, and I look forward to investing myself here – my health, time, energy, and money.

I hope you will join me in supporting The Wellness Hub. Together, we will continue to build a culture of health and wellness in our community.